Nice clean design by a local furniture designer, Mark Logan, showing off a custom bench in his office furniture line. Check the site for some of his other designs, very nice.

3ds max, mudbox to model and vray to render. Small touch ups in Digital Fusion


When Worlds Away TV wanted to show off a proposed Hotel in Manhattan they came to me for ideas. Keeping in mind the small budget and relative quick turn around time that I was dealing with, I sold them on the idea of having a 2d/3d images. More then just a 2d image but not as high end as a "typical" architectural render. Working with Anthony Capua we produced the following images showing off the main areas of the hotel.

We all felt it turned out very nice and the we really liked the look of them.

Accident animation

I get request to produce animations very similiar to this one.  Nothing fancy with the lighting and texturing. It's more about the animation of the vehicle and the character movement making sure it's accurate.

Its a cost effective way to get a really nice animation done. Doesn't always have to be super high end to get the story across.

Trisport Stadium

The Trisport Stadium, was a proposed stadium for the New York ,Jets, Knicks and Rangers on the west side of Manhattan. Edgeworx Studios LLC put together this very informative video showing off the flexibility of the new stadium.

I was in charge of all the animation,lighting and texturing. Safe to say that this one is not going to happen.

Work in progress

Small clip showing some lighting and modeling using vray and 3ds max.